The Scythian Warrior

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In the golden age, life was always spring. The soil was fertile and there was plenty of food. People were good and happy and old age came late. They were constantly in pleasant and free air and knew neither war nor poverty. Then came the Silver Age. Hunger and cold prevailed. People became selfish and divided. After the Silver Age, the Bronze Age came. People learned to make weapons and started to fight with each other.

The last age, the Iron Age, was the age of crime and infamy, and it was a time when mankind was completely destroyed due to greed and hatred. In the vast steppes of Scythia, a solitary warrior named Aryasp embarked on a perilous quest. Sent by his tribe's chief, he ventured into the depths of an ancient dungeon, To defeat the king who had killed many warriors.

Mouse - Attack, WASD keys - Movement, Spacebar - Jump, SHIFT - Sprint, E - Climb up, Q - Roll, ESC - Menu


Action 3D HTML5 WebGL Fighting